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Maps of the Gragiyan Empire and Misoa

The fictional universe known as the Gragiyan Empire features heavily in my fantasy stories anthology ‘The Stories They Told Their Children’, most prominently in the final one ‘The Atarai’ as well as my new short stories. It’s also the setting of my new novel ‘A War of Blood, Mountains and Sand’, which focuses on the five year conflict between the Empire and the Northern kingdom of Misoa. The story begins in the small fishing village of Varges, in Misoa. The sequel ‘Tiriyanin’s Riddles’ takes place 30 years later and most of the action happens in the imperial palace in Ifirium, in Gragiya province. There’s one scene at the Orealisi Oasis in Niralis.

The Gragiyan Empire is made up four provinces:
Gragiya – the heart of Empire with the nation’s capital city Ifirium.
Arhia – a Sparta style, formally independent military region with its main city Naitoria.
Lavinium – a mountain province with its main city Isfienia.
Niralis – a sparsely populated desert region with its only city Maerorium and the Orealisi Oasis.

Made with by Evin Kierans

And here’s a new, more detailed map with the major Misoan cities added.

The castle fortress city Idursa is the capital.

Map by Skylar Woakes

Map by Skylar Woakes

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