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‘A War of Blood, Mountains and Sand’ moodboards & main themes

In addition to my fantasy romance novella ‘Tiriyanin’s Riddles’, I’m also working on the prequel novel called ‘A War of Blood, Mountains and Sand’. The novel takes place thirty years before the events of ‘Tiriyanin’s Riddles’ and covers the five year conflict between the Northern Kingdom of Misoa and the Gragiyan Empire

The story focuses on three indivuals:

Emperor Vecatian II, the future father of Emperor Tiriyanin. A teenage monarch who finds himself in a difficult situation when King Olig of Misoa declares war on his Empire and starts an invasion.

Rea, a young slave girl from Misoa, a survivor of the pirate raid and destruction Varges village which started the war.

Kiia, a young girl from the military province of Arhia, the only daughter of Lord General Levorian and a trainee at the Atarai military academy.

I’ve created 3 moodboards to give you an idea of the main characters and themes.

Here they are:

This novel is set in the same mythical universe as my other stories and it will feature some of the supernatural characters including the Erai gods and the Enai. It also contains some brutal violence include murder, rape, arson as well as references to torture.

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