Erenkanti – Lord Silyan’s Message

The dark haired young Enai warrior Oren was the first to notice a young golden eagle tracking them in the clouds. The bird itself was not an unusual sight for Lord Atar and his Enai. They were from the area and as the Enai warriors spent most of their time galloping across the skies, suchContinue reading “Erenkanti – Lord Silyan’s Message”

The Atarai

“Lord Atar is watching. Fight every day as if it were your last.” Those two phrases every self-respecting citizen from the Arhia province knew and ever heeded. They were also the motto of the Arhian warriors, an elite group of soldiers renowned for their military prowess, those known as the Atarai. The Arhian nation hadContinue reading “The Atarai”

Ieskr And The Orealisi Oasis

One late summer night, the earth goddess Lavinia woke her husband Fiehri and was compelled to speak out:“I can feel a change in the air. The winds are growing colder and the leaves will start to fall. I believe autumn will soon be upon us. Time has come to return to my fields.”To this theContinue reading “Ieskr And The Orealisi Oasis”

The Girl In The Cave

Years after Avarrin and his son returned to the forests and left their cave, the area where it stood became a settlement known to mortals as the mountain province of Lavinium, named after the earth goddess. The hills were rich with minerals and so, soon enough the locals began to extract salt, metals and preciousContinue reading “The Girl In The Cave”