Erenkanti – Lord Silyan’s Message

The dark haired young Enai warrior Oren was the first to notice a young golden eagle tracking them in the clouds. The bird itself was not an unusual sight for Lord Atar and his Enai. They were from the area and as the Enai warriors spent most of their time galloping across the skies, suchContinue reading “Erenkanti – Lord Silyan’s Message”

Ieskr And The Orealisi Oasis

One late summer night, the earth goddess Lavinia woke her husband Fiehri and was compelled to speak out:“I can feel a change in the air. The winds are growing colder and the leaves will start to fall. I believe autumn will soon be upon us. Time has come to return to my fields.”To this theContinue reading “Ieskr And The Orealisi Oasis”

Lord Makar and Lady Morae

All was quiet in the dark halls when suddenly Lord Makar heard a raspy voice calling out his name. There, he stepped away from his throne and glided towards the iron gates. No horn was sounded as the Morkrai guards stood in position leaving little cause for alarm. He gazed towards the entrance where heContinue reading “Lord Makar and Lady Morae”