‘Tiriyanin’s Riddles’ – new novella cover reveal, royal titles & court etiquette in the Gragiyan Empire

I’ve recently started working on a new project, a fantasy romance novella called ‘Tiriyanin’s Riddles’, which is set in the Gragiyan Empire, the same universe as my short stories. The mythical universe is a continent resembling ancient Rome, comprising four provinces where humans live among Erai deities, four different Enai clans and water Enai (mer-folk).

‘Tiriyanin Riddles’ tells the story of Emperor Tiriyanin and his poly-amorous relationship with two mistresses Ducissa Skaraila “Darhija” (orchid) & Lady Akrila “Lereia” (rose).

As an introduction to the world, I would like to explain some of the titles used to address the imperial family as well as some of the rules of etiquette at the Emperor’s court.

Official Titles

The correct way to greet a member of the imperial family is to bow in front of them and address them in the appropriate manner. “Your Highness” or “Your Majesty” are the most common.
You can also refer to them by their titles:

Aefling – the Gragiyan term for royal consort, the husband of a ruling Ifresija. He has no rights to the throne, as he is neither of royal blood nor chosen by the High Council. However, any children he has with the Ifresija have the right to succeed. Although she has the freedom to choose her spouse, it is expected for the Ifresija Prisis to choose a man of noble status as her Aefling.

Ifresija – the Gragiyan term for Empress, it can refer to either the Emperor’s wife or mother.

Ifresija Prisis – the Gragiyan term for an Empress ruling on her own. There is a law that states if the Emperor’s only legitimate child is a daughter, she may legally become his heir to ensure that the royal blood line does not end upon his death. There have been very few Ifresjia Prisis in the Empire’s long history.

Ifresir – the Gragiyan term for Emperor.

Ifreya – the Gragiyan term for Princess, referring to the sisters or daughters of the Emperor.

Ifrey – the Gragiyan term for Prince, referring to younger brothers or younger sons of the Emperor.

Ifrey Prisis – the Gragiyan term for the Emperor’s oldest son and heir.

Other noble titles include:

Ducissa – the Gragiyan term for a Duchess.

Dux – the Gragiyan term for a Duke.

Marchio – the Gragiyan term for a Marquis, a noble title lower than of a Dux.

Marchionissa – the Gragiyan term for a Marquess, the wife of a Marchio, a noble title lower than that of a Ducissa.

Rules of Court Etiquette

  1. Only members of the Imperial family are permitted to call the Emperor by his first name. Everyone else must refer to him by his title. His mistresses may call him as they wish when inside his private chambers and the palace gardens. When appearing with him at any public event they must address him as Ifresir or “Your Majesty’.

2. It is considered rude and improper for an Ifresija to feed her children in public. A nanny or wet-nurse will be should be used for this purpose.

I am currently editing the story and I hope to publish it at some point in the future, possibly later this year.

For now can check out the cover art by Rose Goga