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Tiriyanin’s Riddles moodboard & main themes

My fantasy romance novella ‘Tiriyanin’s Riddles’ tells the story of Emperor Tiriyanin and his two mistresses Skaraila “Darhija” (orchid) & Akrila “Lereia” (rose). This is a complex polyamourous relationship, in which the Emperor encourages his concubines to become friends and get along as they all live together in his palace. Being with him means sharing him.

I’ve created a moodboard to give you an idea of the main themes of the book.

In addition to polyamory and families and fantasy elements this novella deals with some dark themes including depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress as well as other issues. The lovers’ happiness is wrecked by a series of tragic events threatening to destroy the life they tried to build together.

The Gragiyan Empire is inspired by ancient Rome. Emperor Tiriyanin’s characters was inspired by various Roman Emperors including Augustus, Vespasian and Marcus Aurelius. His mistresses are inspired by a book called ‘Empress Orchid’ by Anchee Min.