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Twitter Q&A

I recently hosted a Q&A session with some of my Twitter followers. In addition to discussions about my fantasy stories we also had a chat about Tolkien’s works and my inspirations as an author. Check it out:

@danielhorcic asked: Favourite plot/subplot from your WIP(s)?

That’s a tough one. My favorite main plot from the anthology would be Avarrin’s love story. My favorite subplot is the scene in the ‘Prologue’ where Lavinia takes pity on Makar and helps him to create the underworld.

@Kiraofthewind1· asked: When did you first decide to write your stories? What inspired you to start?

I’ve been making up stories since I was a child but very few of them were written down. I decided to write my current fantasy stories anthology during the first lock-down in Finland. I was inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Silmarillion’.

@mirna0722 asked: favourite character from your anthology?

It’s a tough call between Avarrin and Lord Makar. I like the way Avarrin’s character develops during the story. He goes from living a carefree life to learning to deal with loss & new responsibilities. I love Makar’s complex nature and the way so many people misunderstand him.

@mirna0722: They are both great characters! You probably already know I have a soft spot for Lord Makar! You’ve created a beautiful character.


@_angry_Elf asked: I got a Tolkien one, Who is your fav of the Noldor and why?

Galadriel, she’s one of the oldest and most powerful elves in Middle Earth. I really enjoyed reading about her backstory in ‘The Silmarillion’ and the tales of the House of Finarfin – one of the few none violent Noldor houses.

@_angry_Elf: aye, House Finarfin is nice^^ I do also enjoy Galadriel she is super nice.My fav has to be Fingolfin and his house^^ tho I do like my asshole Feanor and some of his sons lol . I like the Noldor a lot, they have been a huge inspiration for me.

Fingolfin was awesome just because he fought Morgoth in single combat. I used to think that all Elves were good until I read about Feanor and his sons in ‘The Silmarillion’. The only good member of the house of Feanor was Celebrimbor.

Note: To those unfamiliar with the Noldor, they are a clan of High Elves which appear primarily in Tolkien’s ‘The Silmarillion’. By the time of ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Lord of The Rings’ the only Noldor Elves left in Middle Earth were Lady Galadriel and Elrond Half-Elven (part Noldor ancestry).

@JessSFrankel asked: How early did you set up the conflict in your WIP? I’m a big fan of the first five or so pages, but other authors take a bit longer. I love your descriptions, by the way.

Thanks. If by conflict you mean the main themes of the story they are mentioned in the first few pages, at the end in my ‘Prologue’. Unlike most mythologies, the Erai pantheon act like the Valar of Tolkien’s Middle Earth in that, most of them have little interest in mortal lives.

Notable exceptions include the king and queen of the underworld. Instead the stories focus on the complex relations between their servants, the immortal Enai and humans.

@JessSFrankel: Interesting. I’m working on a story now about a race of people like a cross between fae and elves. They’re aware of the various myths that humans have, but they don’t consider themselves an offshoot of the human race. I haven’t figured out how the rest of the story will go…

That sounds intriguing. In my stories the Enai are mythical beings. Despite being called “elves” by mortals, they’re actually demi-gods.

@diane_asther asked: just a simple q: how long will it be?

It’s short story/ novella length. Currently just 38 pages plus some illustrations by commissioned artists.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in this Q&A. To my followers here on WordPress, do you have any questions for me?