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An anthology of mythical fantasy short stories depicting the culture and beliefs of a fictional known as the Gragiyan Empire. This is their mythology, their religion. These are – The Stories They Told Their Children. Out now:


‘Ihi’ – A Tale of the Mountain Enai part 1.

Synopsis: On his way home from his master’s forge, fire Enai Heri and his mountain Enai friends find themselves caught in the cross-fire of two warring human nations. https://izaforestspritstories.com/2022/09/20/ihi-a-tale-of-the-mountain-enai-part-1/

‘Ihi – A Tale of the Mountain Enai part 2.

Synopsis: After their bloody encounter with the humans, two mountain Enai – Heri’s wife Narya and their friend Brym to seek out their Erai goddess Lady Lavinia, concerned that they violated their oath, by intervening with human lives. https://izaforestspritstories.com/2022/09/20/ihi-a-tale-of-the-mountain-enai-part-2/

The Hunt.

Synopsis: After the tragic loss of his mother, ten year old Levon tries to reconnect with his father Levorian by going hunting with him. The event will change his life forever. https://izaforestspritstories.com/2022/12/03/the-hunt/