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Synopsis: Introduction to the Gragiyan mythology, the creation of the world and emergence of the pantheon of deities known as the Erai, their immortal servants the Enai and the creation of the human race.


Synopsis: The tragic love story of Avarrin, an Enai immortal servant of the forest god Silyan and a mortal woman named Amara.

The Girl In The Cave

Synposis: A young orphan Laradi encounters two mountain Enai children, members of an immortal clan known for their healing powers and hostile relations with mortals. When her brother suffers a serious injury, she ventures out into their caves in a desperate attempt to save his life.

Lord Makar and Lady Morae

Synopsis: The raven haired pale enchantress enters the iron gates of Lord Makar’s Halls. So begins a love strong enough to melt even the darkest of hearts.

Erenkanti – Lord Silyan’s Message

Synopsis: Years after the events of ‘Avarrin’, Lord Silyan sends messages to his siblings with a warning to the Enai clans. https://izaforestspritstories.com/2021/07/27/erenkanti-lord-silyans-message/

Ieskr And The Orealisi Oasis

Synopsis: The story of fire Erai Ieskr and a water Enai and their adventures in the desert province of Niralis.

The Atarai

Synopsis: The story of the Atarai soldier Arhos of Arhia province and his mission to defeat the rebel forces in the capital city of Ifirium.

Sammorien – The Moss-Man

Synopsis: The story of the first ever Erai-Enai hybrid, Lord Silyan’s son, a forest creature named Sammorien. https://izaforestspritstories.com/2021/11/16/sammorien-the-moss-man/

A Noble Soul

Synopsis: The crew of a sunken ship enter the Halls of Makar. As the trials begin Lord Makar and his queen discover that among this band of former criminals lies one soul worthy of redemption. https://izaforestspritstories.com/2021/10/23/a-noble-soul/