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An anthology of mythical fantasy short stories depicting the culture and beliefs of a fictional known as the Gragiyan Empire. This is their mythology, their religion. These are – The Stories They Told Their Children. Pre-order available now:


‘Ihi’ – A Tale of the Mountain Enai part 1.

Synopsis: On his way home from his master’s forge, fire Enai Heri and his mountain Enai friends find themselves caught in the cross-fire of two warring human nations. https://izaforestspritstories.com/2022/09/20/ihi-a-tale-of-the-mountain-enai-part-1/

‘Ihi – A Tale of the Mountain Enai part 2.

Synopsis: After their bloody encounter with the humans, two mountain Enai – Heri’s wife Narya and their friend Brym to seek out their Erai goddess Lady Lavinia, concerned that they violated their oath, by intervening with human lives. https://izaforestspritstories.com/2022/09/20/ihi-a-tale-of-the-mountain-enai-part-2/