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‘Fereidun and the Pit of Snakes’ moodboard and themes

So now that I’ve introduced the setting and announced the title the setting of my latest story, I thought I’d share a moodboard I’ve created recently to give you a better an idea of the themes.

Despite the title of the story, the main character isn’t actually Fereidun, but his best friend and fellow Saikuda knight Harus. This tale takes place during the early part of Emperor Vecatian’s reign, at the same time as ‘The Empire’s Golden Boy’ but on the other side of the empire, in the desert province of Niralis. It will be considerably darker and more violent than my earlier work. The genre is grimdark fantasy with several morally grey characters, no real villain, brutal violence and a drug reference. It’s the story of how Harus’ duties as a Saikuda and loyalty to his master Marchio Tiasis, affects his relationships with his best friend Fereidun and with his lover Risa. The themes include: honor, loyalty, friendships, families, forbidden love and survival.

I’m still editing the story but I’ll share it on here for free once it’s ready. Some of the characters include Risa, Harus and Marchio Tiasis will also appear in my upcoming novel ‘A War of Blood, Mountains and Sand’ which takes place seventeen years later.

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